While many families are used to seeing traditional cabinets, for something totally different, consider inset cabinet doors!

Inset cabinet doors deliver a flush clean appearance that isn’t found on a standard or full overlay door. The door is set into the cabinet frame so that it’s flush with the face of the cabinet when closed. You will need a piece of decorative hardware, a handle or knob, to open the door.

There are two things to keep in mind with these doors.

  • Cabinets with inset doors have reduced storage space inside. You could expect approximately an inch less in both the wall and base cabinet front to back.
  • The expansion of wood caused by high levels of humidity can sometimes cause rubbing to occur between the door and the frame, causing the need to periodically adjust the hinge to realign.

If you can deal with these characteristics it sure is a fantastic looking cabinet!

In these pictures, you’ll see that the door is flush with the frame of the cabinet. Inset cabinet doors are a premium in the industry. Typically this type of door is manufactured only by high-end custom cabinet companies, which will add up to 30% more for it.

You can get this one-of-a-kind look you won’t see in your neighbor’s house for what they paid for the standard look! Plus you can choose from a dozen of the hottest paint colors.

Inset cabinet doors require knobs or handles. Inset cabinet doors create a clean appearance in the kitchen.

So there it is!