When it comes to designing your new home or redesigning some of your existing rooms, it’s those little details that matter.  Whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, storage in your laundry room, or built-in shelves, the wood you choose sets the stage.  Warm or cool, sleek or rustic, different woods come with different feels.  As you’re thinking about your new room, give your wood selection some thought too!


Maple cabinets look great and hold up well in kitchens and bathrooms.  The wood is smooth with a fine grain and is typically blonde with fine brown or black markings.  Wood workers love maple because its natural finish is so uniform.  Finishes like glazes, stains, or paints go on easily and look great.


Oak is a go-to wood for furniture, including cabinets.  While it’s a lighter wood, it offers distinctive graining.  Your selection may include lines, wormholes, and knots, and you may see a variety of colors in this grain – pink, red, green, yellow, and black. Different oaks offer a lot of grain variation.  Remember if you’re staining the wood, the stain usually comes out darker in the knots and holes.


Birch is a fairly dense hardwood, which makes it resistant to abrasions. It’s high-quality but affordable because the trees are plentiful in North America.  It’s lighter, and paints and stains take great to its smooth surface.  Different variations of birch may offer more knots, pinholes, and grain for a woodsier feel.


Cherry wood is like a fine wine; it gets better with age.  Because the wood is light sensitive, your cabinets will darken with age.  Cherry cabinets give a warm and rich feel and are often used in kitchens, bathrooms, and home offices.  The texture is smooth with a fine grain, making it easy to apply finishes.  Cherry cabinets are striking and can really make for a dramatic décor when paired with both light, dark, and veined countertops.


Hickory is known for its dramatic color variations and striations.  It can range from blonde or white to reddish-brown and dark brown.  The natural contrasting colors make it a sought-after wood in cabinetry design.  It’s also extremely strong, so much so that it is often used for axe handles and other tool handles.  Its smooth surface isn’t easily nicked or gouged.  You should consider the number of cabinets you’ll need; all the graining and striation may make your room look too busy.

As you’re dreaming up your new room, there’s definitely a lot to think about, including your budget, durability needs, how you’re going to use your cabinets, and the look and feel you want. Spielmaker Cabinets & Countertops designers can help with design ideas so that you’ll get the room you love. Connect with us today.

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