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Many options are available for countertop materials, from easy-to-use laminate to durable concrete and everything in between. Explore your options or contact us to learn more about what may work best in your existing home.

Laminate Countertops

Laminate has been the countertop of choice since the 1930s. For nearly a century, laminate has remained a popular, relatively low-cost option in residential remodeling and commercial applications. When you choose laminate countertops, you can have new edge treatments and great finishes. Laminate can also be made to look like wood, quartz, or limestone at half the cost in most cases. It also provides you with the ability to beautify undermount sinks. 

Quartz Countertops

Known as a perfect countertop material, quartz has all of the benefits of granite but is also non-porous.  Quartz is a natural product made up of ground quartz mixed with polymers to engineer a larger and more consistent slab.

Granite Countertops

Since the early ’90s, granite has been a popular countertop in kitchens around the world. It is durable, beautiful, and heat-, scratch-, and stain-resistant. It is available in a wide range of colors and patterns, and it seems to become more affordable each year.


Laminate, quartz, and granite countertops

Affordable options

Durable materials

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Get The Answers You Need

Do you install the countertops you sell?

Yes. Every countertop we sell, we install.

Can I lay laminate countertops myself?

Yes. We have everything you need to do so.

Where can I see these countertops on display?

You can get a good idea on colors, finishes, edges, sink styles, and much more in our showroom.

Do you have samples?

Yes. We have samples of all of our products.

What is the cost per square foot for each type of countertop material?

It depends on so many factors. Laminate is the most affordable, followed by granite, quartz, and then concrete. At the moment, costs range anywhere from $22 per square foot to $135 per square foot.

How long does installation take?

Generally, all of our countertops can be installed within 2-4 weeks.