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Design is where it all begins and is the single most important aspect of your kitchen or basement renovation project. Our owner personally designs or oversees the design of every kitchen plan. We thoroughly scrutinize each job and double check for accuracy so that when you’re ready for installation, we are too.

Our team collaborates seamlessly on all our projects. We begin with rough measurements and a 360-degree shot, which then seamlessly transitions into the design phase. Here, elements are skillfully integrated into the 2020 CAD program, resulting in incredible floorplans and renderings that consistently exceed expectations.

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Do you supply floor plans, elevations, and perspective drawings?

YES! We use a CAD cabinet program that will produce everything you need and give you a realistic visual of what your project will look like. The fee for this service is $200 up front that will then go towards final costs.

Do you charge for design services/drawings?

Yes. We charge a $200 service fee upfront to come to your home and design and measure your project. The service fee will be applied to final costs, but if you decide not to follow through with your project then the $200 service fee is not refundable. However, you are allowed to retain your design and measurements.

Do you offer discounts if we already have our plan and do not require design services?

You bet. If you’ve already done your homework and know what you want and can save us time, we’ll save you money.

Do you have a showroom?

You bet we do, and we make it available to use at your convenience. It displays all of our cabinet company’s door selections centers along with countertop displays and samples.

Where is Spielmaker Cabinets & Countertops located?

We can be found at 3089 E. Bristol Road in Burton, Michigan. Burton is located within Genessee County about 5 miles east of Flint.

Do I need an appointment?

That’s always best. Even a simple design takes time. We want to make sure we set aside the proper amount of time to answer all of your design questions and not make you feel rushed.