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We will complete measurements and collect the specifics about your job, including cabinet layout, style, and color. From this we will create a beautiful and functional plan to match the kitchen you’ve dreamed of.

You will receive a beautifully prepared perspective drawing which will give you a clear vision of what your kitchen will look like. We then focus on a quick turnaround time for a quote based on our visit.

After determining an appropriate price point and payment terms for cabinets and countertops, we will schedule a time to return to double check everything for accuracy and subsequent installation.

Multiple colors and styles that enhance your home


Get The Answers You Need

How long will it take until you come back for the install?

Every customers job is different and dependent on the size and scope of the project along with the customers materials selected. Spielmaker’s will be able to give an estimated time of completion at the time of order.

How long does the install take?

The on-site install is dependent upon the customer’s choices, such as whether we are tearing out countertops, for instance, or installing a full laminate backsplash versus a 4-inch backsplash.


The warranty on a laminate countertop fabricated and installed by Spielmaker Cabinets & Countertops is one year. For cabinet warranty check with Spielmaker, this is based on the brand of cabinet used.

What are your payment terms?

Cash and carry cabinets are 50% down at the time of the order and the the remaining 50% balance is due at the time of delivery.

Countertop only installations are 50% down at the time of the order and the remaining 50% balance is due upon completion of the project.

Cabinets and countertops furnished and installed are 45% down at the time of the order. The second deposit of 45% is due at the time of cabinet delivery. The final 10% balance is due upon project completion.

Do you offer financing?

We do not at this time.

Do you supply plumbing and electrical services?

By law, we cannot, and our installers are not licensed to do so. As a service to our customers, we will coordinate a licensed professional onto the job for you.