Laminate has been a top choice for countertops for decades, and there’s no need to wonder why. While being durable, easy to install, and easy to clean, laminate countertops can beautify any kitchen.

Best of all, the options are endless with laminate. Because it is available in an infinite number of styles, patterns, and colors, homeowners can choose the design that fits their home and their personality just right.

5 Reasons to Choose Laminate Countertops

1. Installation is easier.

When compared with some other countertop materials, laminate is lighter and easier to manipulate. You can cut and shape the material easily in order to cover grooves and other hard-to-reach places.

As a homeowner who is having the countertops professionally installed, you may not think that matters so much – oh, but it does. You could see the difference in the cost of labor and the time it takes for the project to be completed.

2. Life is simple with laminate.

Frequently referred to by the brand name Formica, laminate is easy to clean, allowing you to live as stress-free as can be. You don’t need to hassle with stone cleaners or other specialized cleaning products like you may have to with other countertop materials. All you need is mild soap and water.

A kitchen contractor places a laminate top onto a cabinet. Formica has been a staple in kitchen design for generations. There are many reasons to choose laminate countertops.

There are many reasons to choose laminate countertops, which have been used in kitchen designs for generations.

3. The air and surfaces may be cleaner.

Laminate countertops also are not as porous as other surfaces. For that reason, they do not trap quite as many germs and allergens, making them perfect for families with young children.

4. Choose what you like.

Because laminate is manmade, you have a greater choice of colors and patterns. That’s important if you are aiming to create a unique home design.

So what’s your style? Red kitchen countertops with herringbone laminate flooring? Black and white swirls such as the Formica charcoal boomerang countertop design? Ocean blue countertops? All this and more is possible.

On the other hand, if you wish for a more common design, some laminate styles can be made to look just like granite, marble, or wood.

5. You can do it yourself.

Although having countertop surfaces professionally installed saves time and effort, some people choose to complete such a project on their own. If that’s your preference, this material may be easiest for you to work with.

Remember that we offer DIY support here in our Burton, Michigan center if you need us.

See the Samples

If you know you want to design or redesign your kitchen countertops but are still not certain about the look you’re going for, stop in to consider a few options for inspiration.

You may browse through our kitchen and bathroom design concepts in our Selection Center, including exploring door styles and finishes, stock cabinetry offerings, and samples of laminate materials.

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